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Laser Genesis

Cutera’s Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is a non-ablative treatment that is FDA-Approved to safely, naturally and effectively treat fine lines, enlarged pores and rough skin texture. Laser Genesis is also a solution for scars due to acne, burns and trauma including hypertrophic, keloid, or surgery scars. 


In addition to treating texture issues, Laser Genesis diffuses general facial redness (bye bye rosy cheeks!) and breaks up excess brown pigment from hyperpigmentation. Laser Genesis is even safe for melasma! Cutera's Nd:YAG 1064nm laser has a patented pulse structure designed to deliver effective treatments for the face and body, for all skin types.This revitalizing treatment also stimulates the natural processes of new cell and collagen production, referred to as neocollagenesis. Laser Genesis clients benefit from a healthy, natural, youthful glow that just gets better with every treatment!


How does it work?

Cutera’s Laser Genesis Treatment gently heats the upper layers of the dermis just below the skin’s surface, which improves the appearance of fine lines, shrinks the appearance of large pore size, evens-out rough skin texture and fades scarring. Laser Genesis promotes cell turnover and stimulates collagen. It also shuts down the small veins and capillaries that induce continuous redness of the skin.

$175 per session

$975 package of six ($162.50)