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Laser Hair Removal

Imagine tossing out all of your razors and living your life with the silky smooth skin of your dreams... Luxe Laser makes this a reality with Laser Hair Removal!

Luxe Laser invested in the newest and best in hair removal technology! Our medspa is fully equipped with new Class IV, medical grade, FDA-approved lasers, which each specialize in the treatment of hair on your unique complexion. 

Different combinations of hair and skin colors require specific wavelengths for optimal results. We are laser hair removal experts and will determine the appropriate wavelength and laser for your needs during our complimentary consultation. We're laser crazed! We’ve partnered with three different laser manufacturers and have six different lasers to yield the best results in laser hair removal for you!

2019 Candela GentleMax Pro 1064nm Nd:YAG and 755nm Alexandrite

2019 Cutera Excel HR 1064nm Nd:YAG and 755nm Alexandrite

2018 and 2017 Rohrer Aesthetics 810nm Diodes 

All of our lasers work by distributing a series of pulses in quick succession to permanently neutralize the hair follicles. ​Many of our competitors are falsely advertising their IPL hair reduction treatments as "laser hair removal". Don't be fooled! Our lasers are much more powerful, safe, effective, and require fewer treatments than a semi-permanent IPL device. ​In addition to the impressive and lasting results produced by our lasers, all of our lasers feature built in cooling that ensures your treatment will be as comfortable as possible. Over the course of several treatments, the hair will thin and reduce, revealing sleek, silky skin. Ingrown hairs and razor bumps can be a thing of the past! This treatment is ideal for both men and women for beach-ready skin, all year round.

Feel the difference for yourself! We offer complimentary consultations and would love to demonstrate how comfortable our laser is by offering free test pulses. We believe that once you feel our laser for yourself, you'll be excited to come back!