MDPen Nano-Needling with Dermal Infusion

Nanoneedling is an epidermis-focused treatment that is non-invasive with no pain or downtime. It specializes in product penetration, delivering medical grade serums into the skin at a higher absorption rate than applying by hand.


The nano-needle’s tips are superfine-approximately ⅓ of the diameter of a human hair. With the use of the MDPen, this special tip glides gently over the skin, nourishing it with high-quality, pure ingredients from our trusted partner, AnteAge. The microchannels created by the nanoneedling tip are so fine that they close almost immediately and you will not bleed, unlike our traditional microneedling treatment. You’ll leave Luxe Laser radiant, glowing, and ready for any event.


Nanoneedling is an ideal treatment for infusing products deep into the skin. We offer two specialized microchanneling solutions, targeted to your skin’s concerns:


This microchanneling solution uses AnteAge highest-quality stem cells, growth factors and hyaluronic acid for the ideal anti-aging, firming, smoothing, and lifting response in the skin.



This microchanneling solution blends the classic AnteAge stem cells and growth factors with brightening B-3 and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin B-3 suppresses melanin, while active stem cells and growth factors provide a regenerative, healing, renewing effect.

AnteAge Microchanneling Solution


AnteAge Microchanneling Solution


AnteAge microchaneling solutions use a superior form of stem cells sourced only from donated bone marrow of healthy young adults to provide the highest quality growth factors and cytokines available for the most effective tissue repair. AnteAge stem cells are formulated to trigger your body’s own healing mechanisms to reduce hyperpigmentation, damage, and signs of aging.

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